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Staying Healthy Tips for Back-to-School from Zarbee’s Naturals


More than 50 million American kids headed back to school this school and they’re not alone. In addition to new backpacks, they’ll be carrying billions of microbes and germs eager to get acquainted with children.


To help families prepare, we spoke with, Dr. Zak Zarbock (“Dr. Zak”), pediatrician and founder of Zarbee’s Naturals, who shared some safe and effective tips that families can easily incorporate into their daily routine - in addition to washing hands and hugging your cough or sneeze - to help everyone stay healthy this winter. We also learned about their new family wellness offerings including a new line of immune support products formulated specifically for every member of the family – from infants as young as 2 months to toddlers, ‘tweens, and their active parents. Each is packed with natural ingredients, key vitamins and minerals to help support families’ immune systems without drugs, alcohol or artificial dyes. Check out more here:


Momtrends: What are some tips to help families stay healthy this year?

Dr. Zak: I recommend that my patients and their families protect their immune systems. Some of the building blocks for a strong immune system are good food, good sleep and good physical activity. Studies link deficiencies in zinc and vitamins A, C, D, and E to reduced immune function.

This is why I suggest that children and their families make sure they are getting immune-supporting vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need with a quality supplement. Zarbee's has just introduced a line of immune support products for the whole family. The immune support products include natural ingredients such as elderberry and echinacea as well as key vitamins and minerals. The immune support line includes: Mighty Bee Elderberry Immune Support for kids, Daily Bee Immune Support, Baby Immune Support as well as Elderberry Immune Support for adults.

Momtrends: How do kids get infections and colds so easily?

Dr. Zak: Kids are most susceptible when they have a weakened immune system or when they are run down – this happens when they don't have enough sleep and have pushed themselves too hard.

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Momtrends: What is the best defense against colds?

Dr. Zak: It is possible to reduce the number of colds and flus in a family. An important first step is to prepare the immune system: good food, good sleep and good physical activity as well as a quality supplement.

Momtrends: How can Zarbee's help?

Dr. Zak: Zarbee’s has just launched a full line of immune support products for the whole family. Families can stay healthy even when they are most susceptible.

Momtrends: What makes Zarbee's safe?

Dr. Zak: Zarbee's immune support products are natural and don't have unwanted side effects and grogginess. They also don't have drugs, alcohol or artificial dyes.

Momtrends: Anything else to add?

Dr. Zak: At Zarbee's, we believe in whole family health -- keeping kids and parents healthy; safely and naturally.

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