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What's Sprounce all about? It'??s simple math. You drop something. You pick it up. What you do with it after that can be up to interpretation. There are times where that handy 5-second rules doesn'??t apply. For instance, a straw behind the restaurant booth. You can let that one go. Someone will find it later, we hope. But what about a pacifier on the floor of a mall. You have to get that one. But then what do you do with it?

You Sprounce at the chance to clean it up and give it back to your baby. No, that'??s not a typo. Let me explain. Sprounce is a handy new spray cleaner that'??s a safe alternative to harsh sanitizers, bleach wipes, and all-purpose cleaners for toys. It's part of the Earthaby line, and though I'??m not really sure I like the name, I like the product.

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It has everything you want: natural germ protection, a non-irritating no-rinse formula that's kid-safe (even for binky), a travel-friendly size and it's 100% natural. Even those of you tired of smelling like alcohol can spray with careless adandon! You can'??t smell like something that isn'??t there. It's an alcohol-free formula that boasts a fresh scent, a combo of tea tree oil and lavender oil extracts.
It'??s great for all ages, from pacifiers to sippy cups (since both end up on the floor of our car'??s back seat), shopping cart handles, and toys. It's uses a blend of tea tree and manuka oil extracts that is proven to successfully kill germs naturally. So you might say it'??s backed by the toughest mom of all'??Mother Nature. So go ahead. Pick up that teething ring out of the puddle. I won't tell.Sprounce is available at sprounce.com for $4.99.

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