Spreading Joy with Manhattan Toy


You've got to love a company that believes "Play is serious work." That's the case for the Manhattan Toy company and I love their focus on texture and visual appeal. As you may have figured out, here at MOMTRENDS most plastic toys are not on our toy "wish list." I found two winners on the Manhattan toy site that will satisfy discerning parents and their equally discriminating kids.

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Great Gift #9

For babies that can crawl and sit up (let's say 9 mos to 18 mos) The NooBoo Pound a Soundis a soft fabric toy that has high entertainment value. The little person gets a fabric "hammer" to whack away at the toy. With a solid blow, the baby can elicit a noise "boinnnggg" or a funky beat. They can also us their hands to tap the toy like a drum or lift a flap to see a toy pop up--big fun indeed! Any mini person will be endlessly amused by this gift. $25

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If you've got a little girl over the age of 2, she' probably already discovered the Groovy Girls (there's one for boys too--Dylan). Manhattan Toy started the line of plush dolls (they are thankfully not full chested and full of attitude) and now they've got a full line of accompanying "friends". If your little girl has uttered the phrase "I want a pony," I've got just the thing. The Duchess Horse from the Groovy Girl collection. Duchess is a plush horse that stand about 15" high. Her mane is a glorious jumble of blue and purple and she's got a very jazzy saddle. With a squeeze of her belly she whinnies--pretty cool. $25

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