Space-Starved NYC Kitchen #TapTapTakeout

Space-Starved NYC Kitchen
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Living in NYC means we sacrifice space for being close to one of the biggest cultural hubs in the world. As a home cooker, I take pride in my medium-ish sized kitchen(thanks to Brooklyn). Still, though, it is tight quarters – and I constantly find myself craving “luxuries” like more cabinets and a dishwasher. We New Yorkers make the best of it though, by maximizing the space we have to fit the things we just can’t live without. For my family, that is our book collection. There are kids' books, book club books and even some magazines that I can't part with.


While the majority of them are kept in bookshelves, some have made their way to my kitchen cabinets. This can be an exhausting daily grind as I try to shuffle through our cabinets looking for the right dishes and pots that are living amongst a sea of books. NYC living at its finest, but also a cry for some much-needed organization and space!


To mix up making meals (and shuffling through our cabinets), the days - usually on the weekends - whenre we order takeout. One of our favorite ways to do this is with Seamless. As a food delivery service, they make it so easy to discover new restaurants in your area and have it delivered right to you door, without all the time and energy needed to prepare a meal for the family. What’s more, is that it helps avoid shuffling through your kitchen cabinets and drawers that you’re, transformed all in the name of space.

As many of you are New Yorkers, yourselves, I’d love to hear how you utilize/repurpose your kitchen for things besides cooking! In fact, Seamless is hosting a contest collecting your kitchen hacks for a chance to win $500 in Seamless cash (that’s a lot of Family Takeout Nights!). To enter, simply share your favorite kitchen hack on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #TapTapTakeout from October 22nd until November 11th, and check out contest details and other entries, here!

Food as easy as tap tap takeout.

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