Swathe Your Baby in Softness


When my kiddos were infants, one of the things I looked for the most when I was shopping for their clothes was softness. A baby's delicate skin deserves to be swathed in the softest of the soft. It's surprising to me just how many baby clothes are made from materials that are anything but soft. I certainly don't want anything scratchy rubbing against my skin, I can only imagine how uncomfortable that would be for a wee one.

Luckily there are plenty of brands out there that get it, so when you're adding to your baby's wardrobe this fall, here are a couple of lines to check out!


I fell in love with KicKee pants a couple of years ago when I was preggers with my lil' lady bean. I was shopping at one of my favorite local boutiques when I came across their footies. To say KicKee pants products are soft would be a gross understatement. I was hooked right away! The Bamboo Viscose that they use is amazing. They even recently dropped the Butterfly Babies collection to help The Butterfly Fund raise awareness for kiddos suffering from "The Butterfly Disease" Epidermolysis Bullosis which causes severe blistering on the skin of those affected. Butterfly Babies pieces have seams on the outside so as not to irritate sensitive skin!


For dressed up style, Jacadi Paris is a super chic option. Jacadi Paris pieces are perfect for when you need a dressier look than loungewear, but you still want your baby to be nice and comfortable. Most of them are made from a nice cotton blend. I'm all about breathable fabrics! Even in the winter, babies can get overheated.

So, what brands do you turn to for soft fashions?

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