SodaStream Review

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Sodastream makes an awesome gift for dad, in-laws, anyone who loves seltzer and wants to be green. For the past three months we'??ve been reviewing the SodaStream in home seltzer maker ($99.99). It'??s a counter top unit that is light and easy to set up. The SodaStream comes with two seltzer bottles with caps and a starter CO2 cartridge. We set ours up in late October and haven'??t run out of fizz yet!

Here's how it works:

connecting water to sodastream jet model

Simply fill one of the bottles with regular tap water then twist it onto the SodaStream.

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With a few pumps of the button on top you start putting CO2 into the bottle. When you hear a loud "bzzzttt" sound you know its'?? time to untwist and enjoy. We only made plaid seltzer, but one can add flavors to create sodas and juiced up water.

What we love:

  • Green to the max. We'??re huge fans of seltzer and we produce many, many bottles of waste. Though we do recycle them, I'??ve got to believe the in-home seltzer solution is far greener than the recycling bottle system I used to employ.
  • You can control the bubbles and out in as much or as little carbonation as you want.
  • The Jet model doesn't eat up much counter space (16.7 x 5.3 x 7.9")

What we didn'??t:

  • Rats, we lost a cap to one of our seltzer containers already. Who do we replace them?
  • Also the caps fit a little loosely on the bottles. Causing the carbonation to leak out if you store bottles in the fridge for a few days.

For more information visit warning: the site has an infomercial feel.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get a model to review.

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