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Snacking on the go is inevitable with children. This often means transporting containers and Ziploc bags filled with snacks with you. I have been doing this for at least two years and I can definitely attest that this is messy where my once clean stroller is no covered in food stains and spilled juice since I didn'??t have a cup holder. I recently had the chance to test out a snack pod by Brica, a company that focuses on creating innovative products to make life easier and fun.


With no parts to put together, the Snack Pod, a two-cup compartment easily attaches to any stroller and can fit snacks, mini-meals and drinks. To test out the product, I simply clamped and turned the attached grey knob and placed it on my daughter'??s stroller. This super easy installation allowed the pod to be on her stroller in a few seconds flat . Since we had a few outings, I loaded up the blue snack cup with some grapes (that were sealed thanks to the attached clear cover) and a placed a cup of water into the second compartment that easily accommodated her 10oz cup thanks to its non-slip inserts. My toddler kept taking about the Pod and remarked on how '??cool'? and '??fun'? it looked. As we were taking our stroll I loved that she could grab a snack or take sip a water when she needed it without having to deal with bulky cups (and inevitable crumbs) in my bag or spills after having placed juice cups on the top of the stroller. Later on, when the grapes were finished we stopped another snack so I simply rinsed the detachable cup and re-loaded her cup with some pretzels where she went back to snacking at her leisure. I also loved how this sleek and functional on-the-go snacking tool really made traveling around the city easier and so much cleaner!


Additionally, I also learned that since the cup holder has non-slip inserts it can accommodate most drink sizes and the Snack Pod itself is dishwasher safe (although the company recommends only on the top rack). Available in grey, the Snack Pod can also be attached to a car seat and accommodates all stroller sizes.

After using the Brica Snack Pod for a a few weeks, I love how it has changed how my toddler snacks on-the-go and how it has made traveling easier, and thankfully, so much cleaner.

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