Sleep Essentials for a New Baby

Sleep Essentials for a New Baby

Ah, sleep the necessity that all parents crave to get back after life with baby. For some it comes easily, while other babies take a while to get back their precious rest time. With a newborn at home, we don't have a pattern set quite yet; however, I am doing my best to move into that direction and here are some essentials that are helping me about along the way. 1. HALO Bassinest: With the newborn waking every three hours or so, I am too exhausted right now to go back-and-forth to her crib at night when she needs to eat or be changed. To alleviate some of this, I have been using the innovative new HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. This incredible new sleep system allows your infant to literally be brought to you thanks to its 360 degree system where you can keep your baby close or move them away with one gentle swivel. Designed for newborn to babies that are five months old, I have been loving how you can also adjust the bassinet to the height of our bed for easy feedings and changings during the night. Additionally, the bassinet features a mesh side wall that provides greater breathability so that you can keep an eye on baby at all times. It also includes a gentle night light, 3 lullabies, 3 nature and womb sounds, 2 levels of vibration and nursing timer with an auto shut off. 2. Baby Swaddle Wrap from ERGO: When babies, especially newborns, are out of the womb they don't have control over their limbs as they kick and move their arms back and forth. One way to ease is is by swaddling, and my favorite new swaddle is the innovative design from Ergo with their Baby Swaddle Wrap.Made of 100% soft cotton knit terry, the Baby Swaddle Wrap includes an ergonomic design that allows for natural movement of your baby's hips and legs while also allowing your baby to sleep longer and safer. This includes a system that includes arm pockets and leg positioners keeps the Swaddler from coming undone or shifting during sleep as well as a "removable leg pouch" that is incredible for diaper changes. It is also super easy to use thanks to its premium Velcro that is the softest and quietest on the market as it provides the ultimate in comfort. 3. Newborn Sleep Book: Another essential we love for parents is the book, Newborn Sleep Book. Written by Jonathan and Lewis Jassey, this insightful new book provides parents with a guidebook on how to get a baby to sleep through the night. Equipped with a step-by-step guide, the Jassey's say that a baby can sleep for up to seven hours every night, including newborns! This includes a plan with tips and advice about breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and how to create an environment that focuses on sleep. 

HALO Bassinet
HALO Bassinet
HALO Bassinet
ERGO Swaddle
Newborn Sleep Book

4. Comfortable Blankets from Bags of Sugar: While we love fall, it also means that we have to be prepared for all of the elements with a baby in tow. As a mom of three, this means that a lot of my baby's naps will be in the stroller and to keep her warm and protected, I have been loving the comfortable blankets from Bags of Sugar. These essential blankets are a great way to keep your baby warm -both in and out of the stroller - without worrying that they will blow away or offer minimal coverage. Featuring cute designs with butterflies, hearts, trucks and more, these blankets also have no buttons or zippers and feature a soft fabric for the ultimate in warmth, protection and a restful sleep.


5. Sleepy BabyWash from Just Hatched: A calm bath is also part of the nighttime ritual and to encourage sleep I have been loving the Sleepy BabyWash from Just Hatched. Featuring lavender, chamomile and bitter orange extracts, this wash is a calming and soothing for little ones as it was created to promote sleep. We also love how it contains NO sulfates, paragons, gluten and phthalates as well as artificial colors and no animal products.

Sleepy Baby Wash from Just Hatched
The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm
CD for Babies

6. Nighttime Rituals: Even though our baby is only one-month-old I want to establish rituals with her now as we set up a routine. One thing that we love to do is read to our kids at night with our new favorite being LeVar Burton's new book, The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm. In this beautifully illustrated new book, Burton and his co-author, Susan Schaefer Bernardo, Papa Mouse tells Mica Mouse a story about a brave blue rhino who gets through rough times with the help of love, friends, and "feeling your feeling." While the baby doesn't understand these concepts yet, I love how my older girls and I read it to her as we soak in the message of bravery, and how they can better learn to express and tune into their feelings. We also love to listen to lullabies with our favorite being the CD lullaby from Justin Roberts. Featuring soothing tunes like "Count them as you go" and "Polar Bear," this beautiful album features melodic nods to Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, James Taylor, and Carole King with his gently melodies that will calm babies and kids at night.

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