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Throw Back Thursday Event with Clean & Clear

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Clean and Clear Event, Clean and Clear

A few weeks ago I revisited my teen years during a Throw Back Thursday (TBT) event with Clean & Clear. Renowned for their skin clearing products, it was interesting to learn all about current teen trends from Author and Creator of, Vanessa Van Petten and skin tips from dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe.

As a mom, I know that stress can wreck havoc on my skin so I was excited to hear some tips from Dr. Whitney Bowe about stress reduction tips including setting up a skincare routine, talk to a friend, participate in sports, meditate and practice yoga. She also said that women can avoid acne breakouts by cleansing skin daily, never using a loofah or washcloth on your face and to fight breakouts by applying an acne treatment. She also gave us tips for having kids stick to a skincare routine.

1. Make skincare a habit like brushing their teeth.

2. Reinforce maintenance and prevention.

3. Avoid waiting until they get a break out and then “chase it” with a bunch of products.


During the event, I learned that this can include using over-the-counter products like Clean & Clear and their line of cleaners, toners, moisturizers and treatments. This includes options like the Daily Soothing Acne Cleanser, Morning Burst Facial Cleanser, Essentials Deep Cleaning Toner and Advantage Acne Spot Treatment as well as many other skin-clearning options.

I also learned more about today's teen from Vanessa Van Edwards expert who gave us an insight into the mindset of the many issues and complexities that they face.

1. I’m a Brand: Teens today are thinking about their online reputation in a completely new way. Teens view their online profiles, social network pictures and virtual presence as a brand. Their posts, videos and pictures have to fit in with the idealized— and sometimes untrue version of themselves that they want to portray to the world. They optimize their postings to get the most likes, shares and comments in order to increase their brand reach. However, the pressure of this intense online maintenance weighs heavily on the shoulders of teens. They often wonder, “Is my online self cooler than my offline self?”

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2. Ever-peer parent vs. Ever-present parent: Teens are examining the relationship with their parents and realizing that there are multiple ways to parent. Teens today are weighing in on different parenting styles more than ever before—and there is no right answer. Teens can’t decide which is better, the ever-peer parent or the ever-present parent? Ever-peer parents act more like adult friends, aunts or cousins than parents. They are laid back and easy-going.

But, some teens complain about boundary issues—ever-peer parents love to post on Facebook and have a problem sharing TMI. Ever-present parents, or helicopter parents are always hovering, have a say in everything, but are a huge source of support for teens.

3. Pesky Health Topics: There are certain pesky health topics all teens face as they go through puberty and often feel at a loss for how to ask their parents for help. Here are some of the issues and worries facing teens today:

• Body and Breath Odor: Teens wonder when they should buy their first deodorant and how to deal with bad breath in the mornings or after eating. They worry, “Do people notice?”

• Acne: Teens feel incredibly out of control when it comes to their skin. They want to know how and when they should use a skin regimen, such as Clean & Clear. And, what to do when a pimple comes up.

• Menstruation: Despite health classes, teen girls feel overwhelmed with what to do when their period comes. Especially when it comes to moodiness, cramps and sports. Girls worry, “Do I have to skip practice when my period comes?”

• Dandruff: Both teen boys and girls are stressed and embarrassed about dandruff. Not only do they worry how to get rid of it, but they also feel ashamed about the dandruff shampoo bottles in their shower.

4. Art of the Selfie vs. Video: Selfies are all the rage. In fact, teens are going to great lengths to take the perfect selfie—setting up home photo shoots, prepping their skin for weeks ahead of time and even using Photoshop. Interestingly, videos are also on the rise. Vine and YouTube provide endless video posting opportunities. However, teens seem to spend a lot of energy on preparing for photos, but will post videos without any planning at all! They definitely veer more towards a more natural, candid look when filming videos.

5. Young Venture Capital: Teens are thinking about how they best want to use their money. Instead of saving up to buy video games, teens are now saving up to invest in video game companies. Websites like are providing teens with ways to start their own companies and micro-invest in their fellow teens.

6. Crowd Funding Personal Projects: Teens are tired of asking their parents for money. So now they are going to the web and their friends to crowd fund personal ideas. Websites like and let people post small projects like albums and home movies and ask fans to fund. This puts power back into the hands of teens and lets them run wild with creative projects.

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given a goody bag at the event.

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