Shopping for a Nursing Bra


Our bodies change significantly during pregnancy and post-birth. I was pretty surprised by how much and found myself confused at what size I was during this time. For help, we worked with Olivia Leon of Yummy Mummy Maternity who shared some tips to buying the perfect nursing bra. Here are some of her suggestions as well as some of our favorites for pregnancy.

Tips for Buying a Nursing Bra:

The most important tip for getting a nursing bra is making sure you are properly fitted. Making sure that both the band and the cup size are specific to you is important, because a poor fitted nursing bra can impede the production of milk supply and make nursing uncomfortable.

We love the Bravado Seamless since it's a great bra to fit on moms while they are still expecting. It offers a lot of stretch in both the cups and the band and great for those initial post-partum days. It runs small, medium and large which makes it easy for a new mom to find a bra that is comfortable for her.

After the mom's milk has come in and settled, she can opt for a bra that has a specific band and cup size that she will be able to wear for the rest of her nursing journey. The Bravado Essential Embrace and Bravado Sublime are great options.

Nursing Bra Favorites:

As for the actual nursing bras, we have been loving the super comfortable cuts and sizes from Bravado Designs. This includes the Essential Embrace, Signature and the Essential Nursing Tank that provides all of the coverage and support you need thanks to it's built-in bra. The Essential Embrace has been a go-to bra with its Bravado Dynatex™ fabric - that combines premium cotton and luxurious microfiber that is also breathable, seamless and lightweight.

Shopping for a nursing bra

We also love the chic new Cosabella, maternity bra with the Never Say Never Maternity Mommie Soft Bra. This includes a comfortable lace bralette pulls on overhead for a soft supportive fit as well as soft padded cups that make comfortable breast coverage. We also love their easy clip nursing straps make it easy to nurse baby with one hand maneuvering. Available in a variety of colors in S-M-L-XL, these bras offer moms the perfect combination of feminine appeal with a bra that is non-irrirating and fun.

More Shopping Tips for Buying a Nursing Bra

It’s a great idea to buy a nursing bra to have on hand for baby’s arrival and then to add a second (maybe third) once your milk is is and you can get a true sense of your new bra size.

1.Go up a cup size. All that milk is going to leave your breasts full and beautiful. For small chested ladies (that’s me!), it’s a time to savor a C cup.
2.Look for breathable fabrics. Post-pregnancy symptoms include the sweats. Stay cool by avoiding too much synthetic fabric.
3.Opt for a bra that fits snuggly on the rib cage. Your pregnant body will be different that your postpartum bod. Ideally before baby you should be able to hook the bra on the last hook. As the baby weight comes off, you’ll move the hook in.
4. Important ratio: The bigger the cup the wider the strap. DDs will want a nice wide shoulder strap to avoid back pain.
5.One hand access is key. Avoid any tricky clasps. A hungry new baby won’t have the patience to wait as you try to haul out the goods. Practice unhooking or lifting the flap of the bra before you buy.

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