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Shoe Trends for Spring

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Shoes can make and put a look together. From sandals to wedges to rain boots to keep your tooties dry during the rain, we rounded up some of our favorites for spring 2014.

Aerosoles: During a recent preview we had the chance to check out the latest collection of Aerosoles up close. For spring, we really love the bright flats with my favorite being the You Betcha that I can see wearing for Easter and beyond. We are also loving a little lift from the Acoustic shoe and the Aristocrat that is super fun for work and on-the-town.

Dansko: Dankso sure knows comfortable shoes that look great. Renowned for their clogs, they also make an assortment of fun sandals with some of our favorites being the JOVIE Metallic Leather, JANIS Textured Leather Red Crackle and the bright DANA Full Grain Leather Bright Multi Pasadena Collection that are perfect for time with the kids or when you are running around.

Antelope Shoes: We love the fun wedges from the high-end retailer Antelope Shoes with some favorites for spring being the Slingback Sandal (818) and the Slingback Sandal (996). Despite having a lift, the shoes are super comfortable and made with the finest and softest pieces of leather, hand cut with precise craftsmanship.

Bokos Sandals: I am always looking for a sturdy sandal for the summer. One of my favorites is from Bokos Sandals, a Minneapolis-based footwear company launched in early 2013. This includes a fun line of vibrant and comfortable sandals for women and men with some of our favorites colors being the Melon and Lavendar. The sandals are also ultra-durable, comfortable and easy-to-clean - making them a great addition to your spring wardrobe that go way beyond use at the beach.

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Crocs: Crocs have changed a lot over the years. They are more than a shoe for your kids where they now offer fashionable prints and styles that go beyond water sports. For spring, I love the Women’s A-leigh Linen Cork Wrap Wedge, the Women’s Cap Toe Flat and the fun Adrina Flat that is perfect for spring and summer.

Go Go Golosh: The weather is so changeable in Spring. It may be rainy one day and sunny the next. For those rainy days, we love Go Go Golosh, a new, fashionable line of galoshes that are designed to be worn over your dressy heels and flats. This is great concept that allows you to wear your on-trend shoes where you can carry your light and compact Go Go Golosh shoes to be prepared when rain strikes. They're completely waterproof and they can fold up and slip into their attached waterproof carrying case. They also come in a variety of colors such as Pinky Belle, Purple Belle and Blue Belle - making them super easy, simple and super cute for spring.

LAMO Footwear: With the winter we have had, warm weather spring hasn't quite kicked off. For this transition time, we love the collection of warm moccasins from LAMO Footwear. This includes a fun collection featuring the Lady's Britain Moc II, the Gabrielle Moc and the chic Elite Moc. This includes moccasins with a 100% leather Comfort-Arch insole and a suede upper that is super comfortable and perfect for chilly spring days as well as around the home. They also offer kids, men's and more styles for women.

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