Shake, Rattle & Roll this Christmas

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Great Gift #12

On the hunt for something to slip in the stocking for your baby? Haba's got three adorable new toys for the non-walking crowd.Keeping it small and simple is a snap with these wooden toys from Haba.

First there's the Speedy Clutching Toy. Part race car, part rattle, this formula one driver has everything he needs to keep your little speedster entertained: mirror, noise and bright colors. Trying to scoot the car across the floor will help your child develop important motor skills. And pus the red "turbo booster" button on the back and "squeak, squeak" you've got a fun noise. Suitable for birth on up. $17.99

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The Belinda Clutching Toy is perfect for a little princess. The flower-shaped wooden toy is a bright and cheery as a a summer daisy. A small bell and mirror provide sensory stimulation. This is a great toy to tuck into the diaper bag for emergency entertainment. $11.99

And finally the Pixie's World Clutching Ring is a tiny toy that promises to keep baby's hands busy while Mom or Dad attempts to get something productive done around the house. Bells and mirrors provide all the distraction necessary to make this an essential first toy. $11.99

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And rest-assured Haba uses 100% non-toxic paints and never gets lead near their toys. So spend a little more knowing your giving your child a safe and nurturing gift from the Haba team in Germany.

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