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Momtrends Beauty MVPs

Remember last month’s beauty Momtrends MVP’s? We focused on sunscreen and what an important part of an anti-aging regimen it is. Well, there are two more products that I consider essential anti-agers, too. They both play very important roles in my own daily beauty routine. On that note, let’s talk about the best serums and facial oils, my friends!

In our eternal quest to provide you with the top test driven product recommendations, we’re proud to continue to feature our top beauty picks in our ongoing Momtrends MVP’s series. And this particular edition just might be my favorite because I don’t make a move without serum or facial oil. I might not always wear both in one day, but I always have one or the other on... always!

Why You Need Serums and Facial Oils

I’m not 20 anymore, after all, and that is why you will always find anti-aging products on my vanity. If you don’t have a go-to anti-ager yet, let’s change that. The thing is, not all anti-aging products are made equal. And as much as I want to take care of my skin, I also want to streamline my beauty routine. I’m not into throwing a bunch of unnecessary products at my face.

In fact, I very carefully selected these products because they’re proven game changers. I brought together a bunch of serums and facial oils that are so effective, they will give you enough of an anti-aging boost all on their own. Of course, adding in one or two more to your routine certainly wouldn’t hurt. 

Now, different faces have different issues. So, while, personally, I live for Vitamin C based products, you might not necessarily need them. Maybe a nice calming serum that quells redness is more up your alley. Or maybe you need them both like moi. Haha!

Best Serums and Facial Oils for Moms

Whatever your skin issue, there should be something for you here. I’ve rounded up lots of serums and facial oils that tackle most of the common anti-aging complaints! So, grab a pen and paper -- if you’re still into that sort of thing, or get ready to save this link.

Oh and you might need your wallet, too. I have a feeling you’re going to want to order at least one of our best serums and facial oil picks. And, don’t worry, whether you really want to invest some serious funds into your skin care routine, or prefer more budget conscious options, I have chosen products at a variety of price points for you!

orange bottle of serum

Best Serum for Even Toned Skin


While we’re on the subject of Vitamin C, it’s my favorite ingredient to fight age spots. After just a few weeks of using this serum, I noticed that my dark spots were lighter and my skin less dull. C.E.O. is particularly my go-to in the winter. That is when the dullness really takes over. An even skin tone helps me look more youthful, which I’m totally here for. It also gives me a great glow, but if you really want to glow, this next oil is worth looking into...

white bottle of facial oil on white marble counter

Best Facial Oil for a Natural Glow


Ok, full disclosure, this facial oil isn’t cheap. Real talk, it’s worth the money. It’s my secret weapon when I don’t have much time to get ready because it gives me instant results. You read that right. I’m serious. My skin instantly looks better. When they say it delivers a dewy, warm glow, they aren’t kidding. My skin immediately has a rosy warmth to it after I apply it. If you don’t want to use both a treatment serum and facial oil, I would suggest you just use this one because it also has ingredients like Astaxanthin, a super potent antioxidant, to fight the signs of aging like fine line, spots and the like.

green and brown bottle of serum

Best Serum for Irritated Skin


So, another anti-aging ingredient that I love is glycolic acid. And I recently found an exfoliating scrub that definitely improved the texture of my skin, but also left it rather irritated. Enter this calming serum. It really helps soothe my inflamed skin after treatments that bring out redness. Ingredients like Zinc, Vitamin E and Aloe amplify the soothe factor. If you have sensitive skin, but don’t want to avoid anti-aging powerhouse products, this serum is for you.

turquoise bottle of serum

Best Serum for Breakout Prone Skin


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Have you noticed that breakouts are a part of your life again? You aren’t alone. That phase of our skin’s life tends to come back around again, and skin care products can help, but also exacerbate breakout prone skin. I did not find that to be the case with this lightweight serum. When my skin is less than clear, I know I can turn to this serum to brighten my complexion without worrying about blemishes.

darm blue bottle of facial oil

Best Nighttime Facial Oil


Until it gets really cold out, I still steer clear of heavy cream based moisturizers because they tend to clog up my pores. I also won’t use retinol based products any time, but at night, because while I love retinol’s efficacy, it makes my skin good and red. That’s why this facial oil is the best of both worlds. The retinol in it takes on my wrinkles AND there are soothing properties in it too, so by morning my skin has no hint of redness, plus it’s moisturized.

purple and gold serum stick

Best Organic Serum


Not only is this serum great because it’s natural, but I just love the opportunity for portability. And there is no mess with this lightweight stick. Plus, you can use it around your eyes, which isn't always the case with serums. It also absorbs super fast. You can even use it to help freshen up your makeup throughout the day by smoothing it over any dry spots. It's a real winner and just wonderful for winter's dry skin.

dark orange bottle of serum

Best All Around Serum


Ok, most of the serums I shared here are anti-aging serums, but this one does so much because it’s two serums in one. It will help give you firmer, smoother skin which is something we can all get behind, right? What really sold me is the Turmeric. Not only does it help you when you ingest it, but Turmeric is a powerful anti-aging ingredient in skin care, too. And it’s so lightweight, it’s perfect to apply in the morning before your daytime moisturizer. This is another pricey one, but I don't recommend any product I don't think is worth it.

black and white bottle of facial oil

Best All Around Facial Oil


Of all the facial oils I featured, this one has the thickest consistency. That’s not to say that it is thick, because it isn’t. It’s still an oil. It is just incredibly hydrating and repairing, without feeling greasy. My skin is so soft after I use Love 31. And I just love the soft hint of natural rose fragrance. Oh and it’s gluten-free. I don’t know why, but while I follow a mostly gluten-free diet, it never occurred to me to look for gluten in my beauty products. You live, you learn!

So, are you ready to grab your next go-to beauty product? I can’t wait to hear whether it was a serum, facial oil or both!

Stay tuned for our next Beauty Momtrends MVPs -- coming soon will be our daytime moisturizer picks.

Momtrends MVP's is a non-sponsored series. Brands must meet our strict standards to be included. When naming winners we take several factors into account, including expense, convenience, and style.

We make our picks annually based on editors' research. In some instances, we may request and receive samples so that we can more thoroughly assess products. Our opinions are our own, and our goal is to help our community of moms make more informed decisions on everything from baby gear to beauty products to vacation destinations and more. We scour the abundant options and painstakingly hand-pick our favorites, so you don't have to. Our hope is that our most valuable players become your most valued purchases.


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