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As I prepare for my son's first year of elementary school, I'm finding that I'm a little jealous of all you mamas whose kiddos will don uniforms this year. I've been shopping for my lil' dude's back to school wardrobe for weeks and it's exhausting. Being able to rely on school uniforms must be such a time saver! I bet your back to school shopping takes WAY less time.

While school uniforms are less stressful for parents, that doesn't mean kids have to give up their style when they wear them. School uniforms CAN be fun! The key to keeping both moms and kids happy with school uniforms is to look for high quality pieces that work as a base that kids can then individualize by adding fun accessories like cute headbands or socks. It's all about the accessories! If we girls know anything, it's that accessories can totally make a look!

At French Toast, for instance, parents can purchase one year's worth of school uniforms from for just $125! Kids are more likely to outgrow the clothing than outlast them. They are known for their comfort and durability—adjustable waistbands, reinforced knees for boys, stretch pants for girls and "all in one" uniforms - making it easier to find all of your uniform needs in one place.

Back to School

One of our favorites is the Belted Polo Dress, a polo shirt, skirt and belt (all in one piece!) is only $15.98 - you can't beat a deal like that for back-to-school!

The brand's best-stelling Interlock Knit Polo Shirt is a uniform staple and available in over a dozen colors to meet any school uniform needs (and after school and weekend fun, too!).

French Toast is also one of the only brands to offer toddler sized uniforms for pre-K programs. Sizes range from 2T-20. So, whether you have a toddler or teen, French Toast has your school uniform needs covered!

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