Sari Blue's Baby Belly Bell™ Collection


Jewelry isn't your typcial baby shower gift but after seeing the new Baby Belly Bell Collection, a jewelry line created especially for expectant moms, we think it makes perfect sense to give a meaningful and fun piece for a mom-to-be.


Created by Christine Lorenzo aka Sari, the Baby Belly Bell Collection marry's aspects of Mediterranean and Latin American cultures by incorporating the evil eye bead (a traditional protective amulet) and a bola chime in a long pendant worn over the pregnant belly to help calm and protect the unborn baby. Once born, the baby is calmed as it continues to hear this familiar sounding chime when the bell is hung above the baby’s crib or in a nursery window. As an added bonus, when light hits the lovely glass eye beads, they sparkle and gleam.

These distinctive angel callers have been part of pregnancy journeys for hundreds of our customers and their families and our design is so unique it has recently been trademarked!

Their most famous customer is actress Megan Fox who was seen wearing her Baby Belly Bell™ on numerous occasions during her pregnancy. These cute bells alsocome in a variety of styles and colors with some of our favorites being the hearts and flowers cage, the clarity baby belly baby, and the Moroccan Cage with Carnelian Accents.

A perfect gift for baby showers or the holiday, moms will love the meaningful and sentimental pieces from the stunning Baby Belly Bell Collection.

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