Roominate: STEM Toys for Girls

Roominate STEM Toys for Girls

Looking for a fun gift to inspire your daughter? We love STEM toys that both encourage fun and building, which are extremely necessary these days since less than 15% of women are entering college today intending to major in a science, technology, engineering or math-related field.


One of our favorites is Roominate, a stackable and customizable line of wired building systems that allows girls to design and build. Designed for girls six and older, the Roominate kits features motor and light circuits, modular pieces, elevators, a merry-go-round, and battery-operated motors that empowering girls to complete their vision for an interactive home design.


This includes the Roominate Chateau, the Deluxe RoominateRoominate StudioBasic Roominate and more - all of which are stackable and customizable line of wired building systems that inspire open-ended and hands-on play.


At six years old, my daughter loved letting her creativity come to life with limitless possibilities with the Roominate Studio where she used made parts of the home such as a bunk bed, table, desk and more using her imagination. This 70-piece set brought on hours of fun as she had a blast with is 24 building pieces, 16 connections, motor, battery pack, walls, switches and cool craft paper that not only opened her mind up to many creative ways to create her home, but also focused on developing her spatial and fine motor skills as well as hands-on problem solving skills. The beauty of these kits is that they can be reconfigured every time as girls can continue to create and learn new skills.

Focusing on bright and vivid colors that enables girls to enrich their building skills, we love Roominate as it allows for endless design options while teaching design, creating, storytelling and endless creativity.

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