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Gear Trends for 2014: 4moms® rockaRoo™ Swing

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Having a new baby in the house means a constant battle of clutter. I prefer to have only items that are essential to keep the visual chaos to a minimum. One of the items I never used with my other two children was a swing. I just didn't feel it was a necessity.

But when 4moms asked me to try their latest product, the 4moms® rockaRoo, I was intrigued. It seemed different than other swings I have seen and since using the 4moms® rockaRoo™, I can attest that I was right, IT is different!

Our sweet baby girl is nearly two months old and we are settling into a routine and getting used to the many changes that have unfolded since her arrival. Being a mama to three little ones can be hectic~keeping schedules for three little people can be nothing short of a juggling act and I have had to make some adjustments in my parenting for sure.

4moms, rockaroo,
4moms, rockaroo, swing, baby swing

The 4moms® rockaRoo™ has become part of our daily routine. Around 4:00 our house is at its busiest, homework, dinner, and playtime all mixed together, and it happens to be the baby's fussiest time.

Things we love about the 4moms® rockaRoo™:

  • No batteries to change, it plugs in to power up
  • It rocks gently, even on the highest speed (5 speeds in all)
  • It has a cocoon like seat, envelops baby to maximize feeling of comfort and security
  • It comes with a (reversible) newborn insert making it cozy and secure for the tiniest of babes
  • It stops immediately when you power down
  • The power button lights up so you don't have to disturb baby's slumber
  • It has the perfect incline-just enough but not too much
  • The toys are removable, are two-toned (great for baby's appropriate developmental stage) and only move if baby moves them (less stimulation).
  • The seat is plush, washable and easily removable.
  • The toy bar swivels completely out of the way or can be removed.
  • It has sleek, modern lines and a smaller footprint than most swings.
  • It is sturdy but not too heavy or bulky.
rockaroo, 4moms, swing, baby gear, rocking seat

Whether she needs to rest, play or relax, the 4moms® rockaRoo™ has been the perfect place to settle our little girl when she can't be in my arms.

What 4Moms has to say about the rockaRoo:

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Why swing when you can rock? The 4moms® rockaRoo™ flips the traditional swing on its head. Literally. It rocks like a rocking horse, which maximizes the sensation of motion for your baby. It features five speeds, an MP3 hook-up, and removable toy balls.

Retail: $149 for Classic Nylon (Grey), $179 for Plush (Silver, Multi-Color)


  • Advanced Robotics~Motion control software rocks like a rocking horse, which maximizes the sensation for your baby.
  • Compact~It’s 70 percent smaller than a typical swing. (Assembled: 29.6 l x 16.5 w x 27.5 h)
  • Reversible/Removable Toy Balls
  • Switch from colorful balls to black and white.
  • Five Speeds~Adjustable speed for rest or play.
  • Weight Restriction: up to 25 pounds

If you're familiar with 4Moms, you might be wondering,

what the difference is between the rockaRoo and the mamaRoo?

  • The 4moms® rockaRoo™ flips the traditional swing on its head and moves like a rocking horse, which maximizes the sensation of motion for baby. The 4moms mamaRoo is designed to move like you do, with 5 different motions that mimic the ones parents often use to soothe their infants.
  • Both seats come with the ability to plug in a phone or mp3 player, so you can play your favorite music for your little one! BUT, mamaRoo also offers white noise and nature sounds that are built into the swing.
  • The 4moms® rockaRoo™ comes in classic grey for $159, and both multi and silver plush for $179. The mamaRoo is available in classic grey and black for $199, and in blue, green, multi, and silver plush for $249.

To learn more about 4Moms, follow them on facebook, twitter and don't forget to enter to win a 4moms® rockaRoo™ of your own during the 31 Days of rockaRoo (daily giveaway throughout January). CLICK HERE to visit, Everything's Abuzz for your chance to win!

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