Review: Biggest Loser Power Walk and Cardio Max DVDs


Looking for a new workout DVD to met your weight loss resolution? For January's Health and Fitness month, we were thrilled to get an opportunity to try out two of the new "Biggest Loser the Workout" DVDs.

Now, our family is a little obsessed with watching the Biggest Loser, and we're huge Bob fans, so the DVDs seemed like the perfect choice for us. Even better, when they arrived, we discovered Tara & Sione, prior contestants are featured in the Power Walk DVD. Since this is the month to try new things and rev up the fitness program, we put the DVDs into our player and gave them a try.

Power Walk features a series of 4 walks, paced at a 15 minute mile each, along with a 5 minute cool down. The walks are leveled, with the first walk being a simpler, low-impact walk, building up to the fourth that contains added weights and a greater cardio component. The program contains a 3 week plan that, if completed, consists of walking a marathon (all 26 miles) in that time frame.

Cardio Max contains a warm up, one level for cardio weight loss, two levels of high intensity cardio, and a cool down. The menu within the DVDs suggests combinations of workouts for beginners through a more advanced program, including a 6 week schedule with maintenance afterwards.

If your walking shoes have been gathering dust (or have never been used!) these might be an ideal workout, especially the Power Walk version. The simplest walk is a great place for a true exercise beginner, while the Cardio Max is a bit more difficult, yet not impossible. As well, both seem to be a good starting point for someone beginning a new fitness regimen and looking for an at-home workout.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive DVDs for review.

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