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Shhhh. Don't tell anyone about Rabbit Moon--maybe it should be our little secret. Here's the deal: Dress your babes in these clothes and all your friends will think you shop at the most exclusive European baby boutiques. I'm going to let you in on something, though incredibly stylish, Rabbit Moon clothing they won't erode the college fund.

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Add international styling, soft fabrics, and interesting colors and prints and you've got Rabbit Moon. The collections runs from newborn to 4 years and each season brings two or three groups for both boys and girls. This season boys are on the move. The three collections include: Tractor, Rocket and Flight. And you guessed it there are plenty of graphics to support the themes. Check out the Tractor plaid pants set. For $56 you get the tractor tee and the way-cool pants.

For girls, the collections are called Lacey, Bougainvillea, and Orchid. Each one is cuter than the next, so I'm just going to have to highlight a few pieces. From the bright and bold Bougainvillea line I adore the Persimmon Sweater Cardigan (left $55). And you just know this would be triple the price if you found it in Paris! The colors and quality remind me of Oilily.

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If bold isn't your thing, the Orchid line is lower key when it comes to color combinations, this collection offers sophisticated prints in subtle hues, such as the Orchid print shirt. (right $29)

All of the links come from Peek-A-Boo kids. They have the most comprehensive offering of Rabbit Moon I could find online. But remember mums the word!

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