Puffy Coat Roundup


I just returned home to sunny(ish) Florida. The sunshine state had some pretty rotten weather while I was gone actually. I guess I picked a good time to take a trip. Haha! Speaking of rough weather...I was in New York City this past week and I don't know if I've ever been that cold. It's downright frigid up north right now and I don't think I could have made it without my puffy coat!

Those of you who experience cold weather on the regular probably already own a puffy coat, but as this winter has been particularly bitter, I'm guessing you've been wearing yours non-stop and you just might be ready for a new one...Maybe one in a different color perhaps?

My puffy coat is a plain black number, but I found myself admiring the fur lined beauties that I saw in spades out there in the frozen tundra. There is definitely something to be said for basic black, but if you're looking to have a bit of fun with your puffy coat, why not add a different hue or a fun detail like fur to your coat collection? I know I would if I lived anywhere near the Polar Vortex! I was definitely thankful that my mom convinced me to get a down jacket for my trip. This Florida girl was out of her element and I'm pretty sure that my blood is thinner than most of you tough northerners. Just sayin'.

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The North Face Manza down jacket / Roxy Quinn down jacket / Patagonia Ultralite down jacket / Orage Parkatype down jacket / Rab Infinity down jacket / Spyder Breakout down jacket

I know you would probably love to be focusing on spring fashion right now instead of braving the cold, but the fact is, there is still quite a bit of winter left and you've got to stay warm when you go out shopping for your spring fashion!

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