Preschool Bags from Dabba Walla


Preschoolers love the concept of school (I freely admit not all love the drop-off scenario). They drool over the gear that "big kids" have, such as backpacks, lunchboxes, notebooks and pens. Dabba Walla bags are a wonderful solution for outfitting younger kids.

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When I saw the new line of Dabba Walla bags at the New York City Gift Show, I knew I spotted a winner. Finding the right pint-sized gear can be tricky. Regular-sized packs are too bulky and heavy for 3-4-5 year olds. These 13x"10"x7" bags are neoprene (super light) and best of all...THE CAN BE MACHINE WASHED. Hurrah! No more grungy bags. Pick from six cute designs ranging fromCold Feet Penguin to floral prints. ($42)

And don't forget a lunch totes. Yum, the Dabba Walla Lunch Bag-Slice of Summer Watermelon looks delicious! ($29.75)

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