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Prepared for Pregnancy with PregPrep


There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to getting pregnant. Many women don't know exactly when they ovulate or they may not be eating properly and taking care of their bodies, which as I learned at a recent event hosted by PregPrep are some of the critical components to pregnancy.

Held at the Exhale Spa at the Gansevoort Hotel, the PregPrep event included a panel of esteemed experts and doctors including Latham Thomas (Author and Founder of Mama Glow); Keri Glassman (Author and President of Nutritious Life); Kevin Jovanovic, MD; Lara Oboler, MD (Founder of PregPrep); and Robert McDonald (Director of Healing at Exhale Spa). Moderated by Audra Lowe (Host of Better TV), the event was a great forum to learn more about Preg Prep and how to prepare the body to get pregnant.

According to Keri Glassman one of the most important components is to "treat your body as if you are pregnant." This includes not eating trans fats and focusing on clean and wholesome foods. Women who also want to get pregnant should avoid deli meats (packed with nitrates) and artificial sweetners. Dr. Kevin Jovanovic also noted that women should take a prenatal vitamin before pregnancy, which are all regulated by the FDA and to maintain a normal weight. Being too thin or too big can affect a women's chance to get pregnant.

Another was to prep the body is through yoga, which Latham noted helps the blood flow and deep breathing that helps the body as well as meditation. She also stated beautifully that women need to "mother ourselves before we can become moms" and that includes a lot of self-care and nurturing as well as getting rid of stress.

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Another method to assist with getting pregnant is PregPrep, an innovative kit created by Dr. Lara Oboler and Majorie Jaffe Goldner. The kit was developed after Lara spent several months trying to conceive and discovered that mucolytics (ingredient used in cough syrup to break up chest congestion) can thin cervical mucus so that sperm can swim to the egg. She gave it a try by drinking cough syrup where at her first fertility appointment she found out that she was pregnant! Along with Majorie, they developed a kit to help women kick-start their pregnancy using healthy methods. This includes their Make a Baby Kit that contains a two-month supply of three natural and safe products to help optimize a women's chance of conceiving. This includes FertilPrep, a safe formula of mucolytic and potent antioxidants that optimizes the cervical mucus, VitaMelts, an easy-to-swallow specialized prenatal vitamin with Vitamin D, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 and an Essential Balance Oil, a product includes a blend of lavendine, bergamont and evening primrose to help calm the mind and harmonize the body to assist with the support of the reproductive system. The beauty of this kit is that is gives women the chance to feel productive and get involved in the process.

After an exciting panel filled with so much information, it is clear that whether you are trying to get pregnant involves a complete package of relaxing the mind and body and proper nutrition as well as new resources like the PregPrep kit that offers a safe and natural way to help women optimize their chance of getting pregnant.

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