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Spa Treatments

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a women's life, but it is also one that is uncomfortable, especially as they belly expands. Being pregnant with my third child and living in NYC, I have been pretty active, which is great to stay fit with the kids but this has also been hard on my growing body. To treat my bod, I went to the newly renovated Oasis Day Spa at their One Park Avenue flagship location.

Oasis Day Spa
New Oasis

Conceived by NY-based designers, Binny Tercek and Lisa Baglieri, they had the vision for reinventing the underground Oasis. Together they sought to make the spa more modern, lightening the walls and adding stone grey carpeting throughout for a Zen-like effect. Additional touches include new art, signage, stone colors of warm greys and contemporary furniture.


During a recent visit, I was really excited to get my very first prenatal massage. Since I was in my third trimester and at 38 weeks, I opted for the massage on my side (you can also get one face down) where I started with a quick check-in and change into a robe. I then waited in their gorgeous waiting area - complete with teas, magazines and dried fruit. My masseuse then greeted me and walked me into a calming room with a massage chair that was filled with pillows. She asked me about my body (and if I had any aches and pains) and then gave me directions for how to lay down as well as talked me through what would be happening during our 60-minute session.


It was incredibly relaxing as she kneeding and tended to my legs, arms and feet as I rested on my side. Personally, I loved how the baby was kicking during the process as we both soaked in the massage. After the massage, I felt lighter and so relaxed as I enjoyed some tea before I went back home.

Additionally, they offer so many other services and massages such scalp therapy, sports massage and even an express massage for us busy New Yorkers.

Spa Treatments

Other unique features of the spa is that it will be one of the first in the country to offer the Eminence Potent C&E Citrus Kale facial. This facial incorporates all of the yummy benefits of a traditional Eminence facial with the added benefits of a powerful antioxidant infusion of vitamins C and E. These highly active ingredients unite to protect the skin and combat signs of aging, all while brightening and hydrating. A fabulous treatment heading into the fall season!

In addition to the Kale facial, they offer the Eminence Blueberry oxygenating facial, a stimulating enzyme facial increases circulation and oxygenates the skin with a combination of anti-oxidant rich blueberries and spicy paprika. It’s the perfect treatment for decongesting, clearing impurities and improving the skin's texture. The blueberries deliver a healthy dose of antioxidants to block aging free-radicals and the paprika delivers heat and spice - think of it as bringing your face to the gym - circulation is greatly increased as the paprika helps pump the blood throughout the skin. This has not only a detoxifying effect, but it also rids the skin of redness and brings a fresh glow to tired, dull skin. This treatment is great for clients with excessive blackheads or rosacea.

Are you in NYC area or visiting soon? We are excited to share the code MOMT that can be used from Sept 1 – Oct 1 for 10% off of any of their services.

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. We received a complimentary prenatal massage.

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