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Gear That Works Potty Training Essentials

Every parent will experience a bit of frustration with potty training, so we want to help. I've rounded up gear that works or as we call it, potty training essentials.
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Potty Training Essentials

This is a big rite of passage. Know this: Every parent will experience a bit of frustration with potty training, so we want to help. I've rounded up gear that works or as we call it, potty training essentials.

Getting Started With Potty Training

My two-and-a-half-year-old is newly potty trained. She seemed to go from diapers to not wearing any overnight. But really, this has been in a work-in-progress for months that included a lot of questioning for the potty and consistency in doing it everyday. It wasn't just me egging her on, I also used a lot of tools to help her go diaper-free during the day and at night. 

Gear That Works Potty Training Essentials 

1. BUMBO Toilet Trainer: One of our favorite products that helped me with potty training is the BUMBO Toilet Trainer. This flexible trainer simply goes on the toilet - giving toddlers security and comfort when they sit. My daughter loved her pink one that made it easier for her to sit on the actual potty as she felt like a big girl. Another cool aspect of BUMBO is their Bumbo Cares initative where they provide assistance to underprivileged and special needs children in the U.S.

2. Baby Bjorn Step Stool: A versatile product, the this step is obviously great for allowing kids' to easily reach the sink and it was also great for my daughter to use so she could sit herself on the potty. Another tool for her some independence into the world of potty-training.

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3. BABYBJÖRN Potty Chair: liked to have the option to have a little (bjorn) potty or the big (BUMBO) seat. Personally, I thought this was good because it gave her the chance to be comfortable in various situations. The potty chair is also compact enjoy that it doesn't take up that much space and it provides her with a round and ergonomic design that was comfortable and easy-to-clean.

4. Super Cool Underwear: My youngest loves everything princess right now, so to get her excited about her new foray into underwear we got her princess underwear featuring her favorites from Disney Frozen and Tangled. The idea that she could become a big girl (like her sister) was really exciting for her. To encourage the underwear, I put her in them at the start of the day and picked designated times to put her on the potty as well as asked her if she had to go. There were accidents but after a consistent week of wearing and trying, she no longer wanted to wear diapers and made it a point to tell me when she had to go.

5. Potty Stickers: Simply stick the pee-kaboo reusable potty training sticker™ into a portable potty and watch what happens. Each time your toddler has a potty success "pee-kaboo" a magical image appears in their potty, visually rewarding them for their efforts and encouraging them to use the potty again and again all by themselves. 


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