Pick Your Push Gift


Have you heard of this phenomenon? A gift to inspire moms in the throws of labor to hold strong. Perhaps it's a promise of a massage, a full season of Desperate Housewives on DVD or a vintage bottle of champagne. More often than not, the push gift is something sparkly. For expecting moms, I say--don't wait for your partner to shower you with a piece of jewelry to commemorate the birth of your child. Start shopping now for the perfect treat for your nine months of hard work.

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I love the idea of jewelry with meaning. That's why Sentimental Silver is a glorious gift to say "welcome to the world of motherhood." Each pure silver pendant is made by hand.

Know you're having a little girl? I adore the Dainty Daisy flower necklace. My idea: Engrave teh necklace with your daughter's name. Mom wears the necklace until the baby girl turns 13 (or 10 or 12--you pick) and then passes the family heirloom along to her daughter. $55

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Working on your third or fourth child? The square necklace is the one for you. Have all four kids ' names engraved on this square charm as a proud badge of honor. $100

We love the ability to mix and match charms. Think creatively and combine charms to make a special necklace symbolic of your family. Generations to come will treasure these unique pieces of jewelry.

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