Dental Care for Kids with Periclean (and a Giveaway!)


A year-and-a-half ago we went through a dental nightmare with my oldest daughter when we discovered that she had 5 cavities! Although she had always brushed, there were areas that she wasn't targeted that on top of juice, gummy vitamins and genetics had her in the dental chair more times that I want to remember (be sure to check out the post 7 Foods that are Dangerous to Your Child's Teeth to learn more).

Fast forward to today and she received a clean dental bill of health with no cavities. We all learned how to do better, and the startling fact is that she is not alone. In fact, according to PeriClean, a brushless toothbrush company, the most common type of gum disease in children and adolescents is chronic gingivitis and that it only takes 24 hours for enough bacteria to form in the mouth to start causing gum disease (check out more dental tips on their insight blog).

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To better help children brush, we have also been excited about PeriClean and their brushless toothbrushes that were developed by Dr. Gruber, a New York periodontist with more than 35 years of professional practice, as a solution to what he witnessed in patients who were brushing too hard: gum damage and teeth sensitivity.

Not your typical toothbrush, the PeriClean brushes are designed to be gentle on children’s sensitive gums and teeth, making brushing sessions fuss free since brushing too hard is not necessary to remove plaque (it’s actually as soft as yogurt!) and can ultimately result in gum damage and teeth sensitivity - not to mention lose kids' interest in brushing. PeriKids helps solve the problem of brushing too hard because its design and materials are made to be gentle on gums and teeth. Unlike regular nylon bristles, PeriClean does not scrape off tooth enamel, which can lead to hypersensitivity. PeriKids, the PeriClean toothbrush designed specifically for children, is extra gentle on kid’s gums and teeth while still offering a thorough and complete cleaning.

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Additional features of the PeriKids Ultra-Soft Toothbrush offer kids a brush with softness and flexibility, antibacterial properties in handle and it is designed to last 6 months versus traditional toothbrushes that last 3 months. 

Also, to help us make tooth brushing fun be sure to check out these dental tips from PeriClean and be sure to enter our giveaway where 20 readers will win 20 brushes for your kids.

    1. Brush to the Beat: Play one of your kid’s favorite songs while they brush, and let them know that they can stop brushing when the music ends. Make this even more fun by letting them do a few very simple dance movies as they brush. You can let your kid pick out the song for their daily brushing routines or let the song be a surprise so they have something to look forward to. Or be a bit more creative and come up with your own silly song.
    2. Reward Them: Tracking their progress and keeping score on their brushing habits can be just the incentive they need to adopt a best practices approach to brushing their teeth. This works equally well for kids who are just learning to brush their teeth and those who know how to but just don’t want to do it. Set up a chart, and keep track of your kid’s progress. Place a sticker on the chart for each successful tooth brushing session. Once your kid earns a certain number of stickers, give them a bigger reward, such as taking them out for ice cream, a special surprise visit from the tooth fairy or a special item they have been asking for. You can gradually do away with the reward chart as your child gets older and/or reaches their goal or even better, stops giving you a hard time about brushing.
    3. A Brush with Greatness: Don’t just grab any toothbrush from a store shelf. Invest in one that provides the most comfort while brushing and leaves kids with a mouthful of teeth that feel extra clean. PeriClean’s patented design is a kid favorite. And you can be assured that the bristle-less brush will not damage tooth enamel or bother their gums. Since kids like to be involved, let them pick out the kind of kids’ toothpaste they want and their floss.
    4. Play Follow the Leader: You’ve probably noticed that your kids like to imitate some of the things you do. You can use this to your advantage when it comes to making brushing fun for kids. Get your own toothbrush ready, and show them how to brush properly. Show them one step at a time, and give them a chance to mimic what you do. This provides them with the opportunity to learn how to brush their teeth by themselves, gives them some control and makes them feel a bit independent.

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