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If you received unwanted or unneeded gifts at your shower don'??t worry! There is a great new site where you can rid yourself of unwanted gifts and make money at the same time. That'??s right. If you have gifts that make you think '??what was she thinking'? or '??she gave me a boy outfit and I am having a girl'? then you should consider reselling those gifts for some additional cash so you can buy yourself what you actually want. is the first online classifieds site where parents can find and sell new and '??gently-used'? baby & kid strollers, toys, clothes and more. What's more, is committed to helping out families in need. So if you have just received a ton of gifts that you don't need, just click on '??free listings'? or search for local charities to donate your extra gear. I love the celebrity auctions. Today is the last day of Gwen Stefani's charity auction on (you can win her Bugaboo!),

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Speaking of Bugaboo, Bugaboo Friends is a new site for those moms and dad who are in love with their "ride." Swap stories, share picture, you name it. And if you can't afford a Bugaboo (I hear you!) you can still be a part of the group. This is a good spot for on-the-go parents. Check out '??Bugaboo Friends'? at: and click on '??Friends.'?

Baby Bjorn fans have a special home at Baby Bjorn Believers. I love the front-facing carrier best, and I'm not alone. They just won Cookie Magazine'??s 2009 '??Word of Mom'? Readers'?? Choice Award. A BabyBjörn Believer has: a chance to make a difference by recommending safe, quality products, a first look at new BabyBjörn products, and a voice to express your opinion to BabyBjörn. Plus, I love the monthly newsletters I get from joining up. The latest has tips on avoiding back pain.

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