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If you are in a time crunch, I'd recommend for rigging up the new baby's room. About a year ago I spoke with company CEO Ali Wing. She's pretty much a genius in my book. As Wing told me, there were a proliferation of kiddie products out there, but "no one was doing an edited "best-of' model." Right on. That's why I'm steering Momtrends readers their way.

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Shop their stores or online. They've got all the bases covered: furniture, decor, bedding, gear...the list goes on and on. Let's take a look at few of my own "must-haves" from Giggle.

You haven't felt organic cotton any softer than their Better Basics Fitted Crib Sheet (Organic Cotton). I say only the best goes next to baby's skin. $35 And if you order from this line you'll get free shipping! While we are on the topic of basics, don't forget to tuck a few other Better Basics essentials into your shopping cart like the Organic Swaddle Blankets (2 for $34)--a great way to extend those catnaps since, swaddled babes nap harder. And one other little item that will save you headaches: organic mitts. Plop these on baby's hands to prevent scratching (those wee nails are sharp). No child should look as if he's been through a wood chipper! $8

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Oh, there is so much to love. I'll just add one more thing...the Star Egg Nightlight This is the coolest (I've seen it in action)--it magically illuminates the nursery ceiling. $130 What a way to drift off to sleep! On organic bedding under a dazzling sky.

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