OH What Fun it is to...Exchange Gifts?!?!

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Have you been swapping sizes and gifts this week trying to get the kids and yourself what you need and want? Best of luck to you as you do hand to hand combat.

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At 40 weeks pregnant, I'm getting a bit tired of standing on the subway (chivarly is definitely dead in NYC--no one offers pregnant ladies seats any more!). I was delighted to learn about Plastic Jungle and plan to use it to simplify my gifting and regifting needs.

Plastic Jungle is a Internet site that buys, sells and trades gift cards. Let's say you got a $250 gift card to the Apple store. You already have an iPod and really wanted a new Coach Hampton's Wallet (it was on my wish list). No problem. With Plastic Jungle you can turn your old card into usable currency at the store of your desire.

It's genius--the transactions can all be done from the warm, traffic-free comfort of your home. Store cards range from Abercrombie to Walmart and include plenty of baby-friendly spots such as Baby GAP, Toys R Us and Target.

The options are: trade, buy now, or make an offer (sometimes you can get a card with more credit on it than what you'll actually pay). As a bit of protection, all the cards listed on the site are guaranteed to be valid or you get your money back. I'm also pleased the site uses Paypal for secure online transactions. Life just got a little easier for this picky shopper!

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