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Did you know that October is Protection Month? With so many of us buying new electronics for the holidays as well as for ourselves, we have to make sure that our gadgets are protected should something happen to them.

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As full-time work-from-home moms, we have to ensure that our laptops are always up and running and protected against anything that should go wrong. This is why we rely on Asurion where we can be covered with everything from spills to hard drive failure to internal heat and more - up to three years! This includes coverage plans and tools for Televisions, TabletsAppliances and Electronics. And we are not alone in our need for protection, where according to Asurion data, more laptops, digital cameras, video game systems and TV’s experience issues in November than any other month.

Another interesting aspect on the Asurion website is an interactive tool on where you can take the “How Will Your Stuff Die” assessment. This test utilizes Facebook to identify consumers’ real-life activities, hobbies and interests combined with Asurion’s industry expertise to create personalized predictions of how items may meet their untimely demise. This is generated from predictions across 10 categories based on the user's Facebook profile, posts and likes. Each category features 20 or more potential pitfalls for more than 100 quintillion possible outcomes where no two results are the same.

Additionally, during “Protection Month,” you can learn tips and enjoy free resources from Asurion to help you make the best product coverage protection decisions. This includes tips on the Asurion blog as well as tools that dispel myths about modern product protection, calculate potential long-term savings and even predict how treasured gadgets will meet their untimely demise.

Asurion will also donate $1 to the Red Cross to provide support where the need is greatest for each prediction thru Nov. 3, up to $25,000.

Find out more on the Asurion blog, Facebook and Twitter.

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