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Syncing Your Style: Nursery Must-Haves

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As my due date is finally within reach, my nesting has really kicked in. By the end of this month, the final construction touches to the nursery will be done and we can decorate and set up for baby's arrival. Although, baby needs very basic things, we had so much fun choosing items to make our little one's space warm and special. We mixed classic style with fun accents (Safari ala the Royal family) to make an inviting home for our babe to be.

Aden & Anais:Known for their amazingly versatile muslin blankets, Aden & Anais offers a sleep sack that is the baby version of a sleeping bag. Love how it zips from the bottom for easy changes, is available in organic cotton, and is breathable. Super plush, comfy and perfectly scaled for a child that is not yet ready for a blanket, yet is too old for a swaddle.

Baby Blanket Music: Soothing, and familiar, Baby Blanket Music is a selection of instrumental songs from artists you know and love. We have the Beatles album and our "bigs" routinely ask for it on long car rides, when they're reading books or when they want comforting music playing in the background. We love it because it isn't "baby" music, and these lullabies features our go- to favorite musicians-they love it because it is calming, interesting and appealing.

Elli & Nooli: Nothing soothes baby like the sound of a parent's voice. Elli & Nooli's RecordabablePal instantly records your 20 second message to your baby, and then will play on a loop for 30 minutes, offering comfort, calm and security to your little one (and a little more shut eye for you!) 

Kushies: No nursery would be complete without swaddlers and receiving blankets. We know that organic materials are safest for baby all while protecting Mother Earth. Kushies organic receiving blankets don't skimp on size, are soft and are the perfect thickness for swaddle wraps, or a snugly layer. I also love the option of a swaddle blanket. They are easier to manipulate than a receiving blanket due to their contoured shape (especially for those 4 AM diaper changes). Kushies offers hooded organic swaddling blankets that are soft, supple, and hold your babe in the perfect burrito-like swaddle.

NaturalMat: One of the most important items we needed to purchase for baby, is a mattress. We know conventional mattresses are filled with tons of toxic chemicals like flame retardants, plastics, PVC, synthetics, and other chemicals that we do not want polluting the air our baby breathes. Unfortunately, babies absorb nasty toxins easily through their delicate skin, airways and mucous membranes. Babies spend a lot of time on their mattress and we want that to be the safest, most comfortable space for baby. A crib mattress will be used well into toddler years and we are in love with our coco mat from NaturalMat. Our Coco Mat does NOT contain anything but natural and organic materials and doesn't need to time to "off gas" because there isn't a single unhealthy thing in it. Not only is the Naturalmat organic coir (coconut husk) and organic lamb's wool mattress, comfortable, it is breathable, hypoallergenic, and even comes with a machine washable outer cover! Searching for a "natural" mattress can be very difficult, confusing and complicated. Often labels are misleading, materials used aren't very "natural" after all and despite the added cost, aren't any safer for your little one. We know that with our Naturalmat that there are no gimmicks or misleading labels to decipher. Pure, natural, organic materials that will offer a safe, healthy and comfortable sleep and resting environment for years to come. The organic coir is supportive, while the thermal insulating properties of wool makes the mattress naturally breathable, and helps to regulate/maintain baby's body temperature (which they are unable to do) wool is naturally flame retardant, antimicrobial and the Naturalmat wool layer is treated with natural essential oils to make it anti dust mite. (the mattress does not have any odor or smell). The crib mattress is standard in length and width, although is a bit thinner than some traditional mattresses. A natural mattress is an expensive purchase and Naturalmat has a great customer service line and a helpful FAQ section to easily help you make the safe, comfortable and natural choice for your baby. New to all of Naturalmat mattresses is their handmade, organic quilted mattress covers and now all Naturalmat mattress purchases come with a free mattress protector. (Breathable waterproof organic crib mattress protector designed to provide the best level of comfort for baby and the best protection for a Naturalmat mattress. ($70) The Naturalmat Collection is available at and at juvenile products stores nationwide and online retailers. To follow Naturalmat and learn why celebrities such as Tiffani Thiessen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Maggie Gylenhaal, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Halle Berry, Roselyn Sanchez, Stella McCartney, and Vince Vaughn (to name a few) chose a Naturalmat Mattress for their babes, find Naturalmat here: Facebook, @Naturalmatusaand Youtube.

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Nursery Works:we wanted a rocker that be functional, stylish and be used for years to come. We love the collection of rockers for Nursery Works. Whether you choose your won fabric or fall inlove with their uber comfy microsuede ( no harmful off-gasing flame retardents), you'll enjoy a comfortable, modern and stylish rocker. Suited for any room in the house, your Nursery Works rocker will offer a soothing, comforting chair for both you and baby to relax, unwind and bond together in. The empire rocker is our personal favorite for its clean lines, wide seat, and high back. We know it will add a warm, cozy vibe to our nursery all while offering major functionality. A perfect place to rock, feed or cozy up with our new baby.

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Oilo: To accent our baby's decor we choose a simple to apply, stacked animal silhouette by Oilo. It provides a warm welcome into the nursery, is timeless, and ageless so it works well for an infant, and toddler on up. Instant, easy stylish wall art!

Prince Lionheart-to keep our cloth wipes soft, wet and warm, we love our Wipes Warmer Pop from Prince Lionheart. It keeps fresh and clean with patented micro pore pillow, doesn't get hot to the touch, or turn the cloth wipes brown. The wipes warmer Pop comes in three fun colors to coordinate with baby's nursery. With handy wash solution recipes and refreshing wipes, Prince Lionheart makes cloth diapering simple for us and comfy for baby. The washable cloths are soft, absorbent, wash well and make an excellent ecological choice.

Skip Hop-for baby sweet design that will grow with our little one, we fell in love with the Alphabet Zoo four piece bedding from Skip Hop. Demure colors, cuddly critter friends coupled with traditional design made this our top choice for the nursery. The alphabet theme suited us perfectly as we are both teachers and was a gender neutral choice as well. Skip Hop offers great style, a fair amount of choices (but not an overwhelming amount!) as well as quality all at an affordable pricepoint. As the use of crib bumpers is no longer recommended, the set comes with sheet, skirt, uber soft blanket and wall removable wall decals. The matching mobile will delight, soothe and entertain baby with its easy to wind up, soft playing music.

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Stokke Care-for the ultimate in quality, classic style and functional design, Stokke is the name we trust. With baby's comfort and closeness to parent always at the forefront, Stokke Care is the must have choice for baby's nursery. The Stokke Care is a compact, highly functional (love the two spacious divided canvas baskets, the dual plastic tub containers and the hanging bars) and just simply looks beautiful. The changing mat is wider than most giving baby plenty of room for wiggling, the table height is adjustable for maximum comfort and the two open shelves provide plenty of storage even when using two storage bins. I love, love, love how sustainable the Stokke Care changing table is as well, not only is it created from sustainable solid Beech wood sources but it converts into a child desk or a full size desk with a small conversion kit (sold separately). You could also use it as storage shelves. Like almost all of Stokke's products, your one purchase is versatile and multifunctional. One that is not only durable, and timeless, but will be a fixture piece of furniture for years to come.

Stokke Bassinet:Baby will spend a lot of time sleeping and will be sharing our room for quite a while to make night feedings easier, and to be able to comfort, soothe and be right near all that is pure love. The bassinet from Stokke, like everything else they make, looks as good as it functions. With a cozy, sleek and streamline design, the Stokke bassinet fits into any decor, and has a small footprint, perfect when small is an issue. After a small and continual push, it will rock just enough to soothe baby and provide a little extra comfort. It was easy to put together and I really like that I can wash the whole outer covering if necessary. The bassinet mattress is comfortable yet sturdy and firm so I know it will provide an extra measure of precaution while baby rests. I love that the Stokke bassinet moves with ease and without disturbing baby so you can adhere to my grandmother's sage advice not to to wake a sleeping baby.

Summer Infant: For a wrap sack that grows with your baby, we love the WrapSack by Summer Infant. It offers a solution for the baby that is moving from swaddling to wearable blanket. (Loose blankets are not recommended for young children.) Its innovative design allows for options such as both arms in, or out or one of each! Easy to use (no video instruction needed) comfortable, and the WrapSack has plenty of room for baby's kicky legs and wiggles.

Ubbi-For a streamlined look, we love our stainless steel, eco friendly diaper pail from Ubbi. Not only can you choose your favorite color, (we choose classic navy) you can use either a washable, reusable bag or Ubbi fits any standard size garbage bag, so you don't need any special, hard to find replacement bags. The Ubbi diaper pail is sleek, easy to use and is the ultimate for odor free diapering thanks to the powder coated steel, rubber seals and innovative sliding lid. We love that it has a child safety lock (trust us, it is easy for us, hard for little hands) and even works for most of our cloth diapers.

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