Non Toxic Nursery Wall Decor


Designing a nursery involves a lot of steps to figuring out the colors that you want to whether you want to showcase a theme. One thing that you don't generally associate with nurseries is toxic environements, but after the release of the hidden dangers of a nursery from Healthy Child Healthy World it is quite clear that everything from the crib to the mattress to the paint is quite toxic.


A new company,Sunny Decals, is making it so families can discover high-quality decor items for the nursery without having to worry about any toxins. Created by a husband-and-wife team who was inspired after the birth of their son last year when they couldn't find what they were looking for when they were decorating the nursery. Jade noted, "at the time we purchased a vinyl decal set and I remember the horrible toxic smell it emanated from the moment we opened the package. That is what inspired us to create a better, safer product for kids."


How it works is simple. Instead of using cheap vinyl, they use a fabric material that is made of natural fibers. They also use an eco-friendly, lead free ink - meaning that their production costs are much higher, but they feel that this is worth it since they produce a quality product. Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles. Sunny Decals features cute and whimsical prints that kids will adore in their room. Personally, I really love the cool airplane decals, the fun Dinosaur Wall Decals and the Hot Air Balloons that can easily be be placed and taken off any wall.

I also like this as an option for a playroom with some favorites being the Candy Wall Decal and the Jungle Wall Fun, that, depending on your kids' ages can also get them involved in the placement and decorating of their rooms.

While there are a lot of toxic products out there, it is wonderful to know that a company like Sunny Decals is doing their part to create high-quality and safe products for our kids.

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