Noko Baby: Girls Fashion with an Asian Flair

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When I think about fashion trends, I am always excited by the fresh new global influences. For this reason, Noko Baby is a brand that caught my attention.

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For years, trendy parents have been following what Europe children's designers. Now savvy moms are looking further east...all the way to Japan. Here's how it happened. The moms behind the Noko both studied design and both lived in Tokyo for three years. They were deeply influenced by the styles and fabrics they found while living overseas. A favorite was the tengui an authentic, hand-printed Japanese fabric. When the ladies started their families and had little girls to dress, they went back to Japan and this fabric for inspiration.

This summer the Mom/Designers sent me a few dresses to look at. The designs range from dresses to jackets to headbands (I am eying the Aqua Leaf; $20). The details were impressive (makes sense since the dresses are in the $100 range) and I drooled over the rich colors. Take a look at the dress shown here (the Ogawa dress;$86; from the fall line).

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To help with your shopping, here is a 10% discount code for my readers: MOMTRENDS (enter at checkout). From the chrysanthemum wallpaper to the romantic photos, is eye candy for a mommy fashionista.

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