Introducing the Puj Phillup Cup


We are so excited to partner with Puj to announce the launch of their brand new Phillup Cup!

Does this sound familiar? Your kid gets a cup of water...and then another....and then another. Add in another kid or two and your dishwasher can be overflowing -- just from cups! Even the best plans to label cups can go awry. But now, there is the Phillup Cup from Puj. A product that falls perfectly in line with Puj's motto - simplifying parenthood.

Puj Phillup Cup

We had a chance to check these out at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas last September and fell in love. Phillup is a two-part system that consists of a cup and an adhesive hook that you can stick to any smooth surface - on the fridge, in the bathroom, even in a bedroom. The BPA-free cup comes in four distinct colors so your child will always know which cup is theirs and has a grippy base to make it easier to hold and prevent spills.

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 One cup per child per day. Thanks to the Puj Phillup Cup, your day just got a little easier.

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