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Pure Handknit

With Earth month in full force, we have been highlighting some eco-conscious designers and their pieces, and one of our new favorites Pure & Co. The parent company behind the Pure HANDKNIT and Neon Buddha lines, Pure & Co practices environmental fashions every day, from conception to runway to your closet.


They also createover 100 new local jobs in Thailand, a country that does not have a strong garment industry due to high labor costs. These jobs have traditionally western benefits of vacation and maternity allowances, healthcare and continuing education. Additionally, the local farming community has embraced the dye house and is sharing eco-sound practices as well as environmentally friendly resources with Pure & Co.

Pure Hand Knit

They also offer free transportation, free lunches, free on-campus housing and one month of free rent to existing staff who choose to move closer to the new facility, the company is broadening the meaning of “environment.” These highly ethical practices that are extended to the 5,000 Pure & Co. staff are well documented in Thailand. As the Earth Day Network explains, this broadening encompasses issues that affect our communities, including “public transportation and access to jobs.”

They also commit to giving back one percent of global sales, the company is effecting the mobilization of communities to make the world a better place in which to live and not only supporting the health and well-being of thousands through the Mae Tao Clinic but also funding disadvantaged women to start their own business through the Mirror Foundation.

The company also collects rainwater in a 900-ton reservoir for use in the dye house to helpbring clean water and sanitation to the world.

As for fashions, we love their modern style with some favorites being the lifestyle stripe pullover, vintage stripe pullover, the artisan pullover and the fun ethical poncho for fall.

What’s more, each of these sustainable practices has the potential to exponentially increase its positive environmental contributions in years to come furthering the global reach and effect of the initiatives that are at the core of the Earth month mission.

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