BRITAX Introduces New Click Tight Technology



While I don't have a car, we often rent one or borrow my sister's for weekend trips out of the city. My husband as been unofficially designed as the person who handles the car seats. I just can't deal with them, and for some reason they always end up tugging and pulling where they end being wobbly or shaky. In fact, during a recent BRITAX event discussing their new click tight technology, I realized that I wasn't alone with my car seat woes. Now, BRITAX is making it even easier for us now even those who have car seat installation issues thanks to the introduction of the new BRITAX ClickTight™ Installation System.

This innovative technology is now incorporated in the FRONTIER 90 and PINNACLE 90 Combination Harness-2-Booster Seats that allows parents to safety and easily install a car seat. This includes a belt path that you can see, which then threads over the armrest and under the seat opening. It is then connected to the seat belt for a secure and safe hold. You can also know that you've done it properly by hearing the click that lets you know it has been properly installed.

The beauty of this technology means the car set won't move and you won't have to yank or tug the seat belt trying to figure out how to install it. The seat also can be used throughout the life of the car seat (in harness mode) - without having to worry about your child's weight.


Check out the New Car Seat from Britax in action:

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