Navigating Holiday Parties

Holiday Party Tips

We love a good party, and this holiday season there can be so many that it can be tough to get through them all. To help us out, we enlisted tips from Executive Career Coach Karen Elizaga, a credible resource on the corporate landscape and job market, on how to navigating this year’s company holiday party.

When it comes to corporate holiday party etiquette and making the most of a work event, Karen admits that appropriate dress and monitoring alcohol intake are both extremely important, but believes that corporate holiday events offer an opportunity to connect with colleagues and create new professional opportunities.

Check out Karen's tips to effortlessly navigate any party this holiday season.

  • Eat Before You Get ThereEntering the party without a growling stomach, allows you to focus your energy and connect with others.
  • Talk To Someone New—Step outside your comfort level and get to know the people around you—Literally. Take advantage of upstream, sideways, and downstream relationship building.
  • Talking Points—Have some interesting opening lines or stories prepared to strike up conversations.
  • The Perfect Handshake—Carry your glass or plate of food in your left hand. This allows you to extend your free, dry right hand to someone for a solid, connected handshake.
  • Stand Tall With Positive Energy—You want your body language to make you seem open to new conversations and connections with people.
  • Don’t Eat All The Shrimp! – Holiday parties are not just a big reward --- don’t forget you are WORKING. Gobbling all the fancy food because you feel the company owes you won’t win you points with the boss.
  • Go Easy on the Martinis – These are co-workers, not your girlfriends. Partying like a rock star could raise eyebrows and hurt your career. Take it easy, tiger.
  • Have Fun!— Being hyper-focused on networking might make you seem overly anxious, which impedes the natural connection.
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