Ani-gram-it: New Game That Teaches Science


Are you looking for a tech-free game that teaches your child science? We are excited to share the latest on such a game with Ani-gram-it by na2ure, a new line of beautifully designed physical and digital games that teach children about science and the natural world through play.

Ani-gramit by na2ure
Ani-gramit by na2ure

As a company na2ure's goal is to revolutionize the way that science is learned, as well as to instill a deep appreciation of design and for the earth's ecology in students young and old. Unlike other educational games on the market, na2ure is based on a platform that works with children’s natural intelligence to unlock what they already know and connect new knowledge into a growing network mirroring the interconnectivity of the natural world.

As for the game, we love how Ani-gram-it teaches about the animal kingdom through play where kids have to “build” animals from the inside out, using intuitive building blocks of anatomical information. Each play leads to new discoveries about how animals are made—and reinforces how they are classified in the natural world.


This includes a sturdy and beautifully designed board game that brings animals to life on 100 chit board tiles. They also have a travel option that comes complete with 100 laminated, color-coded cards and can be played on a table, the floor, the grass, a picnic blanket, or any other number of spaces! It’s a great fit for the whole family, with little ones learning to name body parts and recognize different animals before they can even play.

Perfect for the holidays, we love how this game connects our kids to biology as well as an appreciation for the beauty and creativity of the natural world through discovery and conversation.

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