Mountain Buggy Review

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We've been putting the Mountain Buggy Terrain through the Momtrends test and have our review ready. Fans of Mountain Buggy praise the suspension and the steering and we can't disagree.

Now we get it--we know why parents love this stroller. If you are tall or a a fitness buff, this stroller makes you want to get up and go. A simple mechanism allows you to switch into three positions from jogging mode to everyday mode. The fixed wheel position can be set for a forward facing wheel, a locked wheel facing back or swivel wheel. The design is stellar and the manufacturing is terrific.

The Moutain Buggy Terrain ( $549.99) is a workhorse. This stroller is made for challenging conditions and parents that like to move. The stroller reclines fully so it's good to go from birth to age 5. Weighing in at 29 lbs, this is not likely to be your everyday stroller--though we see NYC moms loading up the twins in cousin of the terrain the Mountain Buggy Duo ($679) everyday (note: the Duo is made for everyday use). Space-wise we this stroller makes sense for folks living in the burbs or rural areas.

Ideally this stroller would have a place of honor in your garage for storage. Folding it up is not easy--not is is compact. We advise leaving it ready and inviting you to hit the road or beach or mountains. Really nothing will stop this stroller.

What we like:

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  • Amazing steering and suspension. Gravel is no match for these huge wheels.
  • Tall height--handlebar goes up to 46"
  • Zipper basket means all our gear stays put while we are on the move.
  • Solid construction--well made, sturdy and equal to our rough and tumble testers.

What we didn't:

  • Foot-operated brake was the only feature on the stroller that felt clumsy and flimsy. The hand brake rocks.
  • Seat felt "short" for our 2 y.o. tester.
  • And to all stroller companies: Ship with a rain shield and pump. Charging extra for these extras in inexcusable.

Check out the Momtrends video review:

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