Mommy and Me Glamour

Mommy and Me Glamour

Mommy and Me Glamour by kristinleigh featuring short dresses

A little over a year ago, a baby girl was placed in my arms. After years of longing for a little girl of my own, my dream had come true. The second I saw her, I knew my life was about to become so much more wonderful. I had already been blessed with a loving husband and a beautiful son, yet everything suddenly felt so much more complete now that our daughter was a part of our family.

I think I wanted a daughter as much as I did because I had such a special relationship with my own mother. I can still remember sitting in her bedroom pouring over her jewelry box like it was yesterday. I loved trying on each and every piece of sparkle. My mama would let my sister and I play dress up with her things for hours promising that someday they would be ours. She kept that promise. Several of those beloved baubles live in my jewelry box now and I intend to give them to my little girl someday.

Clearly, I've always been a glamour lover and when I had an occasion to get all dolled up in a pretty dress, I was a happy girl. That definitely hasn't changed. My dresses might be a little more grown up now, but I still have a soft spot for poufy dresses, hence the growing collection of them that I've curated for my daughter. Haha! While she might be too small for diamonds of her own, a party dress with a bejeweled collar is perfect for my little sparkle addict. I do believe my daughter just may have the magpie gene that her mama has. And her sparkle would look just fabulous next to grown up glitz like this pair of gorgeous diamond earrings from Helzberg for instance...Nothing beats mommy and me glamour! Mommy and me style has definitely become a favorite in our house!

Of course, even after a glamorous evening, my favorite part of the day will always be when my kiddos and I snuggle up in our jammies and read a story before bed. I felt so safe and loved with my own mother when she read to us and I hope my own children feel the same way!

So, how did you know your mother loved you when you were a child? How do you show your children you love them now? Head on over to to share your loved filled stories!

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