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Mom 2.0 Summit Lessons

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Mom Summit 2.0 lessons. This is not a conference for the dabbler. I flew to Houston to join 350 women who value their writing and their brands. We all carved out Mommy Time and joined forces to identify and steer the latest trends in blogging and mom marketing efforts. Distilling the hours and hours of excellent information isn'??t an easy task, but I've done my best to surmise the lessons.

Mom 2.0 Summit Lessons

What you're doing matters!
This message was sent home thanks to a video conceptualized by author Katherine Center and the women behind Shutter Sisters. [Watch the video here]. All the big and small choices I make as a mom and businesswoman impact my family. Lesson: Take pride and joy from your work and family.

We are powerful
We make brands think about their products: Are they family friendly? Do they enhance some aspect of our lives? Isolation is a thing of the past for the modern mom. From devastating issues like secondary infertility to every day frustrations (hello potty training), moms can find answers and help through the virtual world. Lesson: Our businesses are perhaps the best avenues for companies to market and advertise.

We Must Use Our Voices Well

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Best selling author of the The Happiness ProjectGretchen Rubin asked us to take responsibility for our blogs and brands saying, Think twice before you post.' Lesson: Think before you blog, will you lift the community up or bring them down.

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Branding is Essential
While winging it might be nice when you are starting a blog and finding your voice, once you've decided on your theme and begin marketing yourself it's time to set clear goals that have timelines and measurable results. For example, I will post six times a week and I will try to gain 400 Facebook Fans for my page. Lesson: Stay focused on features and partners that enhance your brand not dilute it.

Disclosure is Mandatory
Included in the branding conversation was the discussion of making money and disclosure (which go hand in hand). Liz Gumbiner stated it loud and clear, "The FTC is not out to get mommy bloggers." What they expect is for ALL bloggers to clearly communicate to their readers how they make money. Lesson: Add a disclosure statement to all your posts, make them wittier and clear and your readers will never be offended.

Embrace Success
There's no shame in wanting to make money from your efforts. As bloggers we put our blood, sweat and words into every post and we deserve rewards for our labors. Savvy bloggers make it clear and easy for brands to find out about opportunities to advertise and market. Lesson: Consider adding a tab or post about 'How we make money' and tell potential business partners about banner ads, content campaigns, speaking fees and spokesperson rates.

Cut out the Clutter
Moms are natural mulittaskers. Sometimes all the things we try to jam into our blogs simply don't make sense. We need to edit ourselves and strive for greatness. Tidying up your blog and your life won't happen without effort. Deb Averett  gave us permission to say no. When it comes to pitches and business opportunities, Deb says, If it isn't mutually beneficial I pass. I'm done giving free handouts.'Lesson: Write down a clear vision for where you want your business to go and how you are going to integrate this business with your family life.

Be Better
Heather Armstrong from the insanely popular blog Dooce. Reminded us of something key, If you are involved in social media you are very powerful.' After spending a few days with bloggers of this ilk one can't help but want to improve. Lesson: To take better pictures, to write better features, to run better campaigns. Mediocrity is SO 2009.

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