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Every parent longs to spend quality time with their child. I try to make the most of the time I spend with my children, making each minute purposeful. But honestly, as a busy mama of three, I find myself taking on too big of projects and before I know it, I am cutting what's supposed to be special "together" time short. I recently was introduced to the "Minutes With Me" box. I have been working with my daughter on the activities included in the box and we are both loving the time we are spending completing the suggested activities.

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We had the chance to try out the January box which included themes Fairy Tales, winter, All About Me and Healthy Bodies. I loved that the box contained relevant activities that were meaningful to both myself and my children alike. The Minutes With Me activity box has been a been nothing short of a hit. At first I was focusing on working through the box with just my five-year old daughter but after the second day, my six-year-old son joined in too. The interaction between the siblings has been priceless. They ask me to make time for Minutes With Me every day and have even made a space for it on our ever busy calendar.

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The real beauty of the activities box that seems to be different from all the rest is that I can used the suggested activities anywhere, anytime, for any duration. The recipes are kid-friendly and get everyone involved, the games are fun and really engage the children and the conversation topics are interesting and really get a good chat going. I have been putting the "conversation cards" in the car and spending a few minutes on them while we wait for the bus to arrive. I love that I am sending my kids off for their day in a positive, cheery manner. The Minutes With Me box has been rewarding for all of us.

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The women behind Minutes With Me created the box so that you're spending your time where "Time Where It Matters Most". Minutes With Me is a series of 12 monthly, theme-based activity kits that include recipes, games, conversation topics, and many other ideas for spending time with your young kids, whether you have an hour or just a few minutes.


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