Mermaid Fashions with Mahina MerFins


We just discovered something truly unique for girls and aspiring Ariels alike with a collection of imaginative beachwear from Mahina Mermaid, a company from Australia that makes eco-friendly MerFins.

“Mermaiding" is a great way for girls to enjoy instant fun and cute fashions as they morph from legs to fins. Founder Mahina Mermaid stated, "Mermaiding also promotes the love of the sea and her creatures. My dream of being a mermaid became a reality, it then became my dream to see every little girl's dream come true… It is my hope that the MerFins will inspire children to make beautiful waves with their MerFins and their hearts… and be an example that anything your heart believes in can come true.”

The MerFin Package, which includes MerFins, swim tights and bikini, is priced from $89 (for just the fin) - $189.00 (for swimwear and fin). Some of our favorites are the the Mer Fin and the complete MerFin package with MerLegs, MerFin's and the MerBabe Bikini that come in a cool and calming blue and turquoise that will take you to the sea in style.

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