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As the weeks fly by and I am firmly in the fifth month of my pregnancy, I am having so much fun growing this baby. There are certainly a lot of consistencies between my first two pregnancies and this one (excitement, worry, sleep deprivation!) But there is one significant and really fun difference. This time around, I am sharing the maternity journey with not only my husband, but also my four and six year old daughters.

The new baby is the first thing on the kids’ minds in the morning and the last thought before bed. They kiss him, sing to him, protect him (sometimes from each other) and are excited about each new weekly milestone. He has fingernails! He has hair! And in a moment that caused absolute hysteria, they realized that he moves…and we can feel him!

Because this pregnancy has been a family affair, I am spending a lot of time thinking about what it will be like to have another kid in the mix. The maternity collection Nom has made this process so much easier. They are self-described as “Stylish During & After Bump.” I could not agree more.

NOM Maternity and Nursing Snap Dress

The During & After Snap Tank Dress, with its incredibly soft jersey blend, is the perfect cool dress in this summer heat. Because of the ruching on the side, the dress can be worn right below the knee or above. It fits me now at five months pregnant and will certainly last through the end of my pregnancy. But most importantly, it will work really well as a post-natal fashion staple. The dress has an easy nursing capability, accessible through the snaps and incredibly discreet.

NOM Maternity and Nursing Snap Dress

The During & After Surplice Maxi offers many of the same benefits as the Snap Tank. Most importantly, it can be a maternity option as well as a post-natal dress. The nursing access is available with this dress as well. Having nursed both of my daughters, I know first hand how frustrating it can be to find clothes that are both cute and nursing-friendly. I'm rockin' the striped version, but I love it in navy too!

NOM Maternity and Nursing Maxi Dress
NOM Maternity and Nursing Maxi Dress

With all of the craziness that comes in the weeks after having a baby, I look forward to being able to wear dresses like these that make me feel like I still have some style!

NOM Maternity and Nursing Snap Dress

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