Matching PJ's for Mom and Kids

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Don't you just love matching pjs? This year start a new family tradition Hatley. Hatley's print pajamas are guaranteed to delivery incredible Christmas morning pictures.

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As a little girl, one of my family traditions was getting a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve. It made waiting for Santa a little easier since I got to wear some spiffy new pjs to bed. This year I'm introducing the tradition into my family. My pj sets are coming from WAY up North near Quebec.

There are so many mix and match options...moose, bear, dogs, horses, etc. But this year we are going for the fruit theme. Start with mom, she gets the Apple Pajama Pants ($30) baby sister gets the Apple Footed Coverall ($26) and big sister gets the Apple Overall Print Childrens Pajama Set ($27). It doesn't get much sweeter (get the camera ready for sure) than this. And all the pjs are made from the softest cotton. Unlike the footies I get from the Gap, these pjs have sturdy construction (that means the seams won't unravel after the first wash) and the prints don't fade.

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Good quality + great style = A Momtrends favorite.

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