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MacBook Air

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Slim, elegant and oh so fast there are so many reasons this little gem made the top of my wish list. As a combined 40th birthday and Christmas gift, the 11" Macbook air was a splurge, but worth every cent (about $1500 when you add in the Apple Care protection plan). So on Christmas Eve, I headed to the 5th Avenue Apple Flagship to buy my big investment in me.

As a on-the-go mom, the 11"laptop fits perfectly in my life--it's about the size of a standard piece of paper. I toss it in my bag and work whenever I can. 30 minutes during swim class, 2 hours from a cafe during my daughter's preschool hours, etc. It's all about mobility and ease. The Air weighs in at 2.3 lbs. heaven for my back. No. For me an iPad won't work--I type far too much, I need a keyboard.

I'm no tech guru, but when I joined in a call hosted by Heidi at c2cmom/bloggingangels and Tekserve and heard all about the power and storage of the new model I simply had to take the leap. You can read all about the specs here--but I can tell you the ease of using a mac is without comparison. It's loaded with tons of programs. Favorites include the iphoto editing package and of course iTunes. I had it out of the box and was blogging on it in about 15 minutes. Awesome.

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My toughest challenge was hooking up the Airport ($99; a wireless router)--apparently I need to download new software before that would work. After a 40 minute call with Applecare, we fixed that problem--no technology is perfect. I wondered why a brand new compute would need a software upgrade? The help professional told me the laptops could be sitting for months--and software is changing daily. TIP: always say yes, when your mac asks if you want to upgrade when you log on.

Momtrends was not paid for this post--if only.

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