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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower or something that you can take home and not have to worry that you bought the wrong thing or bought too much? As parents it is so exciting with the welcome of a new baby, but the stuff can be overwhelming. To help us out we worked with Candice Richards, founder of LuliBox who told us about how her box of essentials can set you and your baby off for success - without feeling overwhelmed.

Lullibox review

This includes a collection of 10 or more essential items for the first week of life at home for you and your baby. Some of our favorites include onesies by little me, dapple dish liquid, hats, A &D ointment, diapers, items for mom and more - so you can enjoy your first days with your baby and not worry about the stuff.

Check out our interview with Candice as she speaks more about this exciting new brand.

Momtrends: How did the idea for Lulibox come about

Candice: The idea for LuliBox came about in my seventh month of pregnancy with my first child. I started getting nervous about what I needed for the first few days at home with baby. I got super long lists of "essentials" from friends - but I was working over 50 hours a week in finance at the time and just did not have the time to research and go out and buy everything. I ended up getting nothing! The day we brought home my daughter I sent out my husband to buy a few things. He came back with one of everything and spent a lot more money than we needed to on things we didn't need at all. I knew there had to be a better way! I kept a list of my favorite items and started thinking about a way to put it together. It was all a dream until one day I decided to really do it! I contacted the vendors of my favorite baby products and we created a partnership!

Momtrends: How do decide what items to place in the box?

Candice:The items that are in the box are items that are my favorite! I tested my "model" with my second child, Leo, and it was literally everythingI needed. I remember saying to my husband the day we brought Leo home, "do we need to go out and get anything?" and we both started laughing because we knew we had tons of stock already at home!

These products are the best - they are the leaders in the market and from reputable household name brands.

Momtrends: What do you hope Lulibox can do for new parents?

Candice: Its not that I hope, its that I KNOW that this product can change the overwhelmed sentiment most parents have when it comes to bringing home baby. The box is literally a handful of items that you could survive with for the first few weeks! Its amazing! And the special treat is that we throw in special treats for mommy. Our target right now is to get free at home blowouts for mommy - and other beauty and fitness products. We've also been in talks with certain publishers to get essential mommy reading in the box. So much is on the pipeline!

Momtrends: Do you have any advice for new parents?

Candice: My advice is to CHILL OUT - with the right tools, like LuliBox, you can get through the first few weeks no problem. Also, listen to your gut. It was so frustrating when people would tell me to "sleep when the baby sleeps" - I just couldn't do it! I felt like there was so much to do! I didn't want to miss out on anything. Looking back I know that was ridiculous, but truth is that I was the same way with my second kid. Its like we don't learn.

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