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As women we are always multitasking. According to a new survey of more than 1,000 pregnant women and new moms ages 20-45 by Bravado Designs, a company that focuses on all new mothers through a wide range of products, community initiatives, and philanthropic partnerships that support women, only 8% of women report being extremely satisfied with their ability to manage the multiple demands of their lives.

The good news is that moms report relying on dads, family members, and health professionals for breastfeeding support. Here are more highlights from this interesting study


New Moms Count on New Dads: More than 85% of new moms rate the support of their husband or their baby’s father as very or extremely important to their breastfeeding success, and dads were also ranked number one as the person new moms most rely on for emotional support (86.6%)--compared with their own moms (33.4 %), friends with kids (40%) or sisters (8.5%). Of note, women surveyed reported they rely on social communities 15.2%.

Breastfeeding in Public Remains a Challenge Even for today’s More Open and Inclusive Generation: Less than one in five women (17%) are extremely comfortable breastfeeding in public. Nearly twice as many are somewhat to extremely uncomfortable doing so.

First Generation Feeders: Twenty-eight percent of new moms reported being first generation breastfeeders, meaning their own moms didn’t breastfeed them or any of their siblings. The majority of first generation breastfeeders (52%) turned to lactation consultants/healthcare professionals for support, in the form of individual or group classes.

Building on their breastfeeding advocacy and resources for new moms, Bravado Designs has teamed-up with experts to launch a new #LittleVictories platform featuring social tools designed to help give new moms ready and easy access to tips and advice. The content and stories reflect the challenges today’s generation of moms reports struggling with, paying attention to the concept of success and reminding new moms of the importance of celebrating little victories. Also, be sure to check out the #Little Victories videos featuring known experts such as Katherine Stone, Jill Seiman & Nancy Holtzman as they provide tips for moms on surviving and thriving during their breastfeeding journey.

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