Little Name: Little and Sweet Practical Products for Kids


During the Playtime Show in NYC I was in awe of all the beautiful children's clothing, toys and books on display. I was particularily amazed by Little Name Design, a new company that created by print designer Alexis G. Mcvicker (she has designed for Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Osh Kosh B’Gosh) whose new playful and fun line evokes the child in all of us. While looking at the products I loved their vintage look that was simple but also unlike many toys out there. No plastic or talking gadgets, her line is an ode to classic toys with their focus on both education and function.

This includes a collection of practical products for kids called the 'The Small Series' where you will discover an incredible collection of functional toys. Some of my favorites are the Little Lunch Pal complete with a fork and spoon holder, the Little Scarf that is also a checkers or chess board, the wooden mathematical coasters that are a fun way to learn math and the bright and vibrant little laces that are a great way for a child to learn to tie their shoes.

While toys today may be a lot more flasher, Alexis is showing that little things are special and that simplicity and high-quality designs are what is truly important.

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