Little Boys Need Toys

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My daughter has a bunch of birthday parties coming up in the next few weeks. Most of these little friends are boys. Since I want to steer clear of conflict inducing toys (anything with guns), I turned to International Playthings to come up with three ideas for different ages:

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For preschoolers, I was pleased to find this Lift-Off Rocket from International Playthings. Designed for kids 18 months and older, this rocket ship/space toy is wonderful for individual play or for group play during a play date: there are two astronauts to share, plus a space dog, a funky-looking alien, and a dune buggy. For the kids who needs extra stimulation, the iPlay toy also has illuminated boosters and cool rocket sounds. ($39.99)

For slightly younger boys, I like the Funtime Tractor. It's an especially thoughtful gift for city kids--they can to head out to the country and play farmer with the five animals and chipper farmer inlcuded in this set. ($29.99)

As for brand new baby gifts, I'm sending the TAGGIE'S Clickety Twist. Here's how it works: Twist the toy to make the rattling an click sounds, twisting the toy also helps piece together simple animal shapes. This award winning (Dr. Toy named it among the top toys of 2007) toy has everything a infant could want: color, texture, and sound. Taggie toys are based on the idea that babies love to play and touch clothing tags and the edges of fabrics (it's true! it's true!). $14.99

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